About Us


Blacbiblio.com advocates a philosophy of empowerment and acceptance through education. This philosophy incorporates three intertwining concepts:
Today, everyone learns in a global world.
Today families, schools and all community institutions share the responsibility for preparing young people for living and learning in a global culture. Canada has always been shaped by the confluence of multiple cultures on its shores. How did we receive culture? How did we create belonging and open opportunities?  These stories implicitly beg these questions.  All Canadians can learn from this journey.
‣  Our current understanding of the world is mediated by our past.
The ABC’s helps young people acquire an empowering set of “navigational” skills which include the ability to:
•  Access unknown information from a variety of sources.
•  Analyze and explore how history is “constructed”.
•  Evaluate the stories’ explicit and implicit messages against one’s own ethical, moral and/or democratic principles.
•  Express or create their own messages using a variety of media tools.
‣  Learning about silent voices is an ‘alternative’.
Canada has always had a history embedded in multiple cultures, though most are woefully unaware of how other cultures made a difference. Thus, we are working so that all Canadians develop better cultural literacy. The power of history is its ability to inspire independent thinking and foster critical analysis. The goal of historical education is to make every person feel valued and transform the world so that all benefit from its richness.